Now Available NCP Clinical Practice Guidelines for Quality Palliative Care Guidelines, 4th Edition

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The 4th edition of the National Consensus Project Clinical Practice Guidelines for Quality Palliative Care (NCP) Guidelines is an update to the previous 2013 edition and is focused on palliative care being inclusive of all people with serious illness, regardless of setting, diagnosis, prognosis, or age and on timely consideration of palliative care by all health care practitioners in all care settings. Additions to domains are presented in this article and include: (1) description of elements of a comprehensive assessment, (2) family caregiver assessment, support, and education, (3) role of care coordination, (4) culturally inclusive care and (5) communication amongst and between providers, patients, families and supportive staff.

Link to: Guidelines: NCP (10/2018), Systematic Review: J Pain Symptom Manage (10/2018)

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