About Enclara Pharmacia

Enclara Pharmacia is the nation’s largest full-service pharmacy benefits manager (PBM) specifically for the hospice and palliative care sectors. Serving over 400 customers and nearly 100,000 patients nationally, Enclara works closely with hospices to reduce pharmacy costs, improve patient care and support caregivers through:

  • Digital innovations that improve efficiency and generate actionable data
  • Flexible medication access with full-service mail order plus a network of over 65,000 local pharmacies
  • One-on-one clinical support and free educational resources for professional development
  • Excellent customer service, including dedicated account management and 24/7 support

Our Mission

Our mission is to meet the unique needs of each hospice organization through exceptional service, timely innovation and a deep commitment to patients and their caregivers. It takes an incredible amount of dedication, compassion and kindness to provide the care and support that hospice patients need and deserve. Our core values of compassion, customer service, creativity, collaboration and connection are central to how we support our hospice partners, colleagues and local communities.

The Significance of the Elephant in the Logo

The elephant is unique in the animal world for its response to death. Throughout their lives, elephants form close family and community bonds and when these bonds are broken by death, they respond in a very human way through visible grief and mourning for the loss of one of their own. They bury their dead and “encircle” the grieving as one compassionate community, and although they need to move on for survival, they will often return to the burial site as if to never forget.

Our logo also provides a unique opportunity to bring to light the metaphorical “elephant in the room,” which in our profession is often the discussion of terminal illness and the dying process. Transparency and comfort are needed to serve our patients and their families and our goal in the hospice community is to provide such avenues for open discussion and growth.


The Enclara team attends over 50 conferences a year. Come visit our booth at an upcoming event—click on events to learn more.

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Think About Joining Our Team

The Enclara Pharmacia staff encompasses an unmatched team of talented, diverse, and driven professionals who are committed to providing experience and expertise across a broad range of services for patients, their families and the teams of professionals who serve them.

At Enclara Pharmacia and the rest of the Enclara Healthcare family, we are committed to service excellence, integrity, teamwork, continuous improvement, accountability, and a fun and fulfilling work experience. We are dedicated to exceeding expectations in everything we do and all our interactions are guided by the principles of dignity, understanding and compassion.

A career at Enclara Pharmacia means the opportunity to work with bright, caring, enthusiastic professionals who can turn tough challenges into real solutions. We recruit and develop energized people who can add meaningful value to our company, and who have a desire to enrich their careers in an expanding area of healthcare while making a positive, direct impact on patients and their loved ones’ lives.
We are a drug-free workplace that conducts pre-employment drug testing and background screening. We offer competitive salary, benefits, a supportive environment and the opportunity to be a part of an expanding new market.

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