About Enclara

Enclara Pharmacia Services & FAQs

Who is Enclara Pharmacia?

Enclara Pharmacia is the combination resulting from the August 2014 acquisition of Hospice Pharmacia by Enclara Health. We believe that this marriage creates the only true solution for hospice mail order pharmacy services and augments an already robust PBM local offering for hospices that want a choice in their pharmacy service model.  Andy Horowitz, CEO, continues to lead Enclara Pharmacia.

Enclara Pharmacia serves over 450 hospice providers and 97,000 hospice patients per day nationwide.

What Pharmacy Services Does Enclara Pharmacia Offer?

Mail Order

Enclara’s mail order model provides comprehensive pharmacy support, delivering medications directly to hospice patients’ homes, with the backup of local pharmacies to serve their same-day and emergency needs. Comprehensive services include pharmacist consultation 24/7, patient Drug Utilization Review (DUR), Conditions of Participation (CoP) reports, formulary management, account management, and online reporting—all bundled into a predictable per diem reimbursement model.

PBM Plus: Local Dispensing

Enclara Pharmacia’s PBM Plus offering provides you with abundant choice and access to our powerful local pharmacy network contracting platform.  The service is offered at a fee for service (FFS) price, unbundled, allowing you to choose the level of clinical intervention, if any, your hospice requires, and to “pay as you go” as those resources are utilized. The program gives the control back to you, supporting overall cost containment.

Other Key Hospice Services

IPU Support

Enclara has a dedicated director and IPU department to support its customers with regulatory guidance, drug procurement, and ADS (Automatic Dispensing System) Support.

Full Compounding Services

Enclara Pharmacia has a full compounding facility in its Memphis fulfillment center that compounds a full array of palliative medications for next day delivery.

Medication Therapy Management

Enclara offers medication therapy management support for its clients that are moving upstream to provide palliative care / advanced illness management. Our pharmacist call center provides direct consultation services to advise on medication therapy, on a fee for service basis.


Enclara Pharmacia is the only nationwide hospice-dedicated pharmacy/PBM certified by SureScripts to receive and dispense all medications, including scheduled narcotics, directly from its mail order fulfillment centers.

Interface Options

Enclara Pharmacia works directly and provides interface options with many of the largest national EMR providers, providing unmatched connectivity options for its client base.

Where is Enclara Pharmacia located?

Enclara Pharmacia is headquartered in Philadelphia, PA.  Our call centers are located at our Philadelphia office and in Memphis, TN. We have pharmacists available 24/7 for consultative needs. We dispense medications from our two state-of-the-art fulfillment centers, located in Sharon Hill, PA and Memphis, TN.

Who can I contact to learn more about Enclara Pharmacia services?

If you would like to speak with someone at Enclara Pharmacia about how we can support your hospice’s medication needs, please contact us.