Geriatric Oncology: Podcast with Melisa Wong and Louise Walter

On this podcast, GeriPal is joined by Melisa Wong, a geriatric oncologist, and Louise Walter, a geriatrician and leader in cancer screening for older adults, to talk about the shifting landscape of geriatric oncology, including:

  • How to think about cancer screening in older adults, moving beyond a one-size-fits all age-based approach to individualize cancer screening decisions. We also talk about the importance of thought pieces in driving a field forward.
  • 2 landmark trials of the geriatric assessment in oncology, one in JAMA Oncology (first author Daneng Li) and the other in the Lancet (first author Supriya Mohile) (William Dale senior author for both studies). In both studies, grade 3+ toxicity was reduced in the geriatric assessment arm.
  • Melisa Wong’s study in JAGS finding a constriction of life space for older adults with cancer, and discussion of patient centered outcomes beyond traditional outcomes such as grade 3+ chemotherapy toxicity.

Links: GeriPal (12/2021)