Lessons Learned from Frontline Skilled Nursing Facility Staff Regarding COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy

Presently a median of 37.5% of the U.S. skilled nursing facility (SNF) workforce has been vaccinated for COVID-19. It is essential to understand vaccine hesitancy among SNF workers to inform vaccine campaigns going forward. As part of a multi-targeted intervention to improve vaccine uptake among SNF staff and patients, researchers conducted a series of town hall meetings with healthcare workers and staff (e.g., dietary, housekeeping) from 50 SNFs. These town hall meetings offered some of the first information on vaccine hesitancy collected in a diverse group of SNF healthcare workers and staff after the vaccines were approved. The purpose of this report is to describe the questions and comments made during these meetings to inform efforts to reduce vaccine hesitancy.

Links: Medscape (6/2021) (article is available open access on Medscape with free registration)