Neuropalliative Care: A podcast with Benzi Kluger, Edward Richfield, and Christine Ritchie

While palliative care most traditionally grew up with a strong association with cancer care and end-of-life care, more and more evidence is coming out about how to integrate palliative care into a variety of serious illnesses from heart failure to chronic lung conditions. Another emerging field is the integration of neurology and palliative care, something that has been coined as “neuropalliative care.” This GeriPal podcast goes much deeper into the field of neuropalliative care by inviting leaders of the new field and in the International Neuropalliative Care Society (INPCS), Benzi Kluger, Edward Richfield, and Christine Ritchie. INPCS connects clinicians, researchers, interdisciplinary team members, people living with neurological illness, family members, and advocates at the intersection of neurology and palliative care.

Links: GeriPal (6/2021)