Polypharmacy and Deprescribing Super Special: Podcast with Anna Parks, Matthew Growdon, and Mike Steinman

In a new study in JAGS, Matthew Growdon found that the average number of medications people with dementia took in the outpatient setting was 8, compared to 3 for people without dementia. In another study in JAGS, Anna Parks found that among older adults with atrial fibrillation, less than 10% of disability could be explained by stroke over an almost 8-year period.  She also talked about the need for a new framework for anti-coagulation decisions for patients in the last 6 months of life, based on an article she authored in JAMA Internal Medicine with Ken Covinsky. In this podcast, Matthew and Anna, joined by co-author Mike Steinman, talk about polypharmacy, deprescribing, where we are and what we need to do to stop this freight train of ever more medications for older adults and those living with serious illness.

Links: GeriPal (7/2021)