Redefining Alzheimer’s Disease: A Podcast with Heather Whitson, Jason Karlawish, Lon Schneider

There is a growing push to change how we define Alzheimer’s disease from what was historically a clinically defined syndrome to a newer biological definition based on the presence of positive amyloid biomarkers. This proposed new definition, championed by the Alzheimer’s Association (AA) and the National Institute on Aging (NIA), proposes that the disease exists when the earliest manifestation of Alzheimer’s pathophysiology can be detected (amyloid), even though onset of symptoms may be years in the future. This GeriPal podcast reviews the benefits and drawbacks of redefining Alzheimers to a biological definition with three experts in the disease: Heather Whitson, Jason Karlawish, and Lon Schneider.

Link: GeriPal Podcasts (12/2023)