Do You Know The Hidden Factors That Are Impacting Hospice Pharmacy Spend?

White Paper: Factors Influencing Pharmacy Spend

Enclara’s new white paper, “Factors Influencing Hospice Pharmacy Spend,” widens the lens to provide insight into factors and influences on pharmacy cost that are often overlooked. The paper provides a fresh look at medication expenditures and other comparative costs beyond the more obvious, common factors, revealing the more subtle aspects of pharmaceutical selection and processing to give hospice operators greater insight into three key factors:

  1. Specific hospice client demographic attributes that could affect cost relative to other control groups;
  2. Utilization factors, such as how medications are chosen and how metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) affect overall cost;
  3. Quality and compliance, such as following CMS guidelines


Next Steps: How Enclara Can Help Reduce Your Hospice Pharmacy Spend

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Given today’s ever-evolving organizational attributes and market trends, evaluating hospice pharmacy costs requires deep insight into medication expenditures and comparative costs. As hospice pharmacy specialists, we can help you improve medication management, provide access to the key clinical, medication, and technology services needed to deliver the highest quality patient care to help better manage your business.

Interested in taking a closer look at the more subtle aspects that impact pharmacy cost? Download a copy of our latest white paper by clicking the image located on the right-hand side of your screen.