E3 Mobile for powered by Hospice Nurses Med Supply Integration

Integrated Medical Supply Ordering

E3 Mobile’s Medical Supply integration was designed to make ordering simpler and faster for hospice nurses and staff. E3 Mobile’s simple, intuitive design makes ordering medical supplies and pharmacy as easy as Tap. Order. Dispense.™

Enclara has integrated E3 Mobile with its inaugural partner, Medline, a leading global medical supplies distributor and manufacturer. This integration combines the most comprehensive pharmacy service provider with the nation’s largest privately held manufacturer and distributor of medical supplies, delivering a seamless mobile solution for ordering medical supplies and pharmacy within the same Android or iOS app.

E3 Mobile Medical Supply Ordering offers:

  • Delivers a single app for ordering pharmacy and medical supplies
  • Streamlines the ordering process by transmitting orders from E3 Mobile to Medline for quick direct-to-patient shipping
  • Oversight rules management allows for control of the supply approval process
  • Increases efficiency and productivity by reducing supply closet pick-ups, creating more time for patient engagement
  • Access to patient demographic, medication, and medical supply history and status
  • Patient-specific ordering data to help reduce supply waste and increase staff productivity
  • Combines pharmacy and medical supply service line spend with Enclara’s real time analytic dashboards

E3 Mobile provides nurses a better solution for managing patient care while on the go.

Seamlessly order, track and manage all pharmacy, durable medical equipment (DME) and medical supply orders through a single app.

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