Enclara in the News: Mark Morse Sits Down With Hospice News

In this Voices interview, Mark Morse, Chief Executive Officer, sits down with Hospice News to talk about the role of technology in Enclara’s value proposition. He explains how Enclara helps providers improve care delivery even though it isn’t a patient-facing organization, and he also walks through some of the top challenges facing hospice patients today with steps providers can take to overcome them.

Hospice News: What career experiences do you most draw from, in your role today?

Mark Morse: My professional journey began with various roles in technology and operations, which gave me a strong foundation in health care innovation. This background allowed me to transition into sales, account management, PBM and pharmacy operations.

One particular experience has had a lasting impact on me: During my time running call centers, my phone number somehow became available on the internet. As a result, I started receiving phone calls from Medicare members, often seeking assistance on issues that I couldn’t directly resolve. Despite this, I made it a point to call them back personally instead of forwarding their messages to a triage team. Engaging with these individuals and listening to their concerns became a significant source of inspiration and, ultimately, innovation. This experience deeply resonated with me as it highlighted the importance of empathy and listening to customers.

How does technology fit into the Enclara value proposition?

Our ultimate goal is to assist hospices in delivering the highest quality care while maintaining efficiency and sustainability. We often tell our clients, “You deliver the care, we make it easier.” Our focus is on optimizing workflows for clinicians, allowing them to spend more valuable time with their patients.

To achieve this, we maintain comprehensive interfaces that seamlessly integrate with over a dozen electronic health record platforms. Additionally, we provide our own mobile and web-based application, E3 Pro™, which facilitates mail order and local medication access, providing an all-in-one solution to consolidate workflows and improve efficiency. Hospice nurses really appreciate the fact that E3 Pro was designed specifically for their needs, so that’s something we’re really proud of.


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