Enclara in the News: Megha Kadiyala Sits Down With Hospice News

In this Voices interview, Megha Kadiyala, SVP, Product Management, sits down with Hospice News to talk about technology as it relates to the nurse experience. She discusses Enclara’s focus on user experience and how it impacts nurse workflow through a continual process of feedback and implementation. She also shares her vision for the future of this technology as Enclara looks for new ways to improve nurse experience and ultimately, care delivery.

Hospice News: What career experiences do you most draw from, in your role today?

Megha Kadiyala: My two decades of experience span retail, eCommerce, and pharmacy but the common thread is the development of user-focused technology. I have a true passion for creating best-in-class digital tools that delight the end user. Enclara is my first major foray into the B2B world, but their strong focus on user experience makes it an ideal opportunity for me. Our focus is on the nurses who use our E3 Pro™ mobile app and web-based tools to manage patient medications and share information across multiple systems.

When it comes to the nurse experience, what does success look like for you?

When we launched E3 Pro, a nurse said it was great to have an app made just for hospice nurses, focusing on their needs and specific workflows. That’s about the best praise we could get! Nurses have an opportunity to rate their experience with each order and we’re consistently averaging 4.5 stars out of five. With every update and enhancement, our goal is to give nurses the tools to provide excellent patient care in the most efficient manner possible. We would love E3 Pro to be a core reason nurses pick our hospice partners over other prospective employers.

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