Enclara in the News: Patrick Leary Sits Down With Hospice News

In this Voices interview, VP of Client Services, Patrick Leary, sits down with Hospice News to talk about the top factors that impact the nurse experience in hospice care. From medication management to new technology adoption, he discusses some of the key trends for providers to watch in today’s hospice environment and explains how Enclara can help providers navigate them.

Hospice News: Since our last conversation in mid-2021, what challenges have you encountered amidst the changes that have taken place?

Patrick Leary: In 2021, the pandemic was still very much impacting our operations and those of our clients. Hospices were facing difficulties in referrals and patient enrollment. Then, as referrals rebounded, staff shortages restricted hospice capacity in some cases. The latter challenge really brought attention to a key component of our value proposition: Enclara plays a pivotal role in enhancing the operational efficiency of hospices and in delivering a nurse experience that supports stronger recruitment and retention. Medication management is a large part of the day-to-day work for hospice nurses, so their interactions with Enclara contribute significantly to their overall job satisfaction.

What factors do you think matter most to that nurse experience?

Delivering an optimal nurse experience starts with patient care. It is critical for nurses to have the support and knowledge they need to feel confident in the care they provide. For Enclara, a big part of that is ensuring timely access to clinically appropriate medications while streamlining the operational tasks associated with medication management. We always say, “you deliver the care, we make it easier.”

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