Enclara Pharmacia Announces Expanded Interface Capabilities with Thornberry NDoc Software

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. – April 20, 2021 – Enclara Pharmacia, the market leader in comprehensive pharmacy management services for the hospice community, announced the launch of a new medication interface with NDoc, an electronic medical records (EMR) and overall software solution created by Thornberry Ltd specifically for the unique needs of the home health and hospice sectors.

“This integration complements our existing demographic interface with NDoc to allow our mutual clients to seamlessly route admissions, eligibility and medications to Enclara directly through their EMR,” said Enclara’s Chief Commercial Officer Scott Quilty. “Our internal research shows that hospice staff spend 74 percent less time on the phone after implementing a complete EMR integration. Along with our proprietary E3 patient management applications, these tools help hospices spend less time on administration and more on patient care.”

Adding a medication interface allows the medication entries to support multiple functions, including ordering through the Enclara mail order pharmacy or a local community pharmacy through integrated e-prescribing options, activating patient eligibility for PBM services, supporting prior authorization of non-formulary medication requests, and facilitating Drug Regimen Reviews.

Enclara currently operates interfaces with over a dozen of the leading EMR vendors in the hospice and home care space, with more on the way. A team of implementation specialists, client liaisons and software engineers works with hospices and their EMR vendors to ensure a seamless flow of real time information.

“NDoc is recognized as a leader in interoperability, so integrations like these are a top priority as we seek to provide seamless workflows for our hospice clients,” said Thornberry CEO Peter Brown. “The Enclara integrations team ensured a smooth process from start to finish.”

Enclara’s highly structured integration process allows hospice clients to make the most of their technology. Based on best practices developed over hundreds of successful implementations, the process begins with a workflow assessment to identify opportunities and potential risk factors. Taking a consultative approach, they work to maintain existing hospice workflows wherever possible and recommend enhancements where necessary. As the technology leader in the hospice pharmacy space, Enclara is committed to building tools that support efficiency and accuracy to support operational efficiency and excellence in patient care.

About Enclara Pharmacia

Enclara Pharmacia is a national full-service PBM and mail order supplier of medications and clinical services developed specifically for the hospice and palliative care industry. Enclara serves over 450 hospice providers and 97,000 patients nationally, helping to reduce pharmacy costs through a clinically driven model that enables home delivery of pharmaceuticals as well as access to a network of over 65,000 local pharmacies, including an actively-managed network subset of over 7,000 retail pharmacies, institutional pharmacies, and Enclara’s own automated fulfillment solutions.

About Thornberry LTD

Thornberry is a leading provider of comprehensive hospice and home health EMR software, improving patient outcomes, ensuring regulatory compliance and maximizing efficiency in medium to large Medicare-certified agencies for nearly 30 years. Thornberry’s flagship product, NDoc, ensures that the job is done right the first time, while providing unparalleled time savings with true interoperability. A seven-time Best in KLAS winner in the Home Health and Hospice Category, Thornberry is the clear industry leader in electronic medical records for these agencies. To learn more, visit NDocSoftware.com.