Enclara Trainers Gear Up for Launch of E3 Pro Hospice Medication Management App

When Enclara Pharmacia launched its E3 MobileTM application in 2017, most hospice nurses were used to calling in patient prescriptions. The new application allowed nurses to order patient medications on behalf of prescribers through both local pharmacies and Enclara’s own mail order dispensing program with just a few clicks.

Over the last several years, Enclara’s training team has helped onboard hundreds of hospice sites to E3 Mobile, allowing thousands of nurses to save time on medication management so they can devote more time to patient care. Today, the training team has a new mission: transitioning all of E3 Mobile users to the all-new E3 ProTM, the next generation of Enclara’s nurse-facing technology. This time they won’t be spending years onboarding one hospice after another. Instead, they will work in phases to allow all current E3 users to benefit from the new integrated web and mobile experience within a few months.

Flexible Resources and Training Schedule

Director of Training and Education Natasha Jackson, PharmD., and her team are ready. “We have put together a range of resources for different learning styles,” Jackson said. “There’s a full manual including quick-start guides for different processes and short on-demand videos so the user can see every step in real time. We tie it all together with live training sessions to walk them through the application itself and all the resources they can refer to while learning the new E3 Pro platform.”

In the weeks leading up to each hospice’s E3 Pro go-live date, nurses will be invited to sign up for a training session. Sessions will be offered throughout the week at different times to accommodate various staff schedules. Once E3 Pro is activated for a hospice, there will be a two-week transition period during which the legacy versions remain available just in case.

While the training is important, Jackson says most E3 Mobile users will find it easy to use the basic functions of the E3 Pro the first time they open it. “The processes they’re used to aren’t really changing, we’ve just made them easier to find. Most of the training is around introducing the new features so that users can fully realize the benefits.”

Ensuring a Seamless Transition for Hospice Nurses

Clinical Applications Trainer Kellie McAlpine draws on her nursing and health informatics background to assist with the development of training programs on Enclara workflows. “As a nurse caring for multiple patients, your most precious resource is time,” McAlpine said. “Our goal at Enclara is to develop training programs and materials that not only allow nurses to get up to speed quickly but also empower them to take advantage of our on-demand learning tools in the future. We want them to have a seamless transition to E3 Pro and for this to be a beneficial experience for them.”

Building on what users of the current E3 applications already know, training presentations are focused on what’s new with E3 Pro, including role-based dashboards, local pharmacy mapping, and the ability for users to manage their notifications, passwords and PINs. While each training session is scheduled for an hour to allow for questions, initial trainings for beta test users have taken even less time thanks to E3 Pro’s intuitive design.

“So far, the feedback on E3 Pro has been great which makes sense because the functionality is primarily based on the feedback that we’ve received from nurses over the years,” McAlpine said. “In trainings over the years, users have suggested features they wish we had or ways improve the experience. Our product development team has really taken all of that into account with E3 Pro.”

Advancing Hospice Digital Transformation

E3 Mobile reduced the time nurses spent on phone calls by 60% while E3 Pro promises to reduce time spent on the application. It’s just one of the ways Enclara is working to improve nurse productivity and patient care. Visit the E3 Pro product profile to learn more about its capabilities or explore Enclara’s full suite of digital innovations here.

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