Giving Back: Our Continued Connection to the American Cancer Society

Cancer is the most common diagnosis among hospice patients. That’s why Enclara Pharmacia directs most of its philanthropic support to the American Cancer Society. Enclara is proud to support the organization at the corporate level, but employees really take the lead. It’s all about living out Enclara’s core values of community service, compassion, customer focus and collaboration.

American Cancer Society is primarily known for supporting cutting edge research into new cancer treatments. Equally important is the support it provides cancer patients and their families. One such support is the Hope Lodge program. The program provides a home away from home for cancer patients who must travel over 40 miles for care. It serves as a lifeline for rural residents who face long drives to the nearest major hospital. For patients with rare cancers only treated in a few cities, it can be the only way to access care.

“When we chose the American Cancer Society as a partner, we knew fundraising wasn’t going to be our only contribution,” John Loxterman, senior vice president, chief ethics and compliance officer, said. “Our employees also want to volunteer their time and Hope Lodge has been a perfect fit.”

Hope Lodge patients often talk about the community support they benefit from during their stays, both from fellow patients and volunteers. Enclara staff in Philadelphia and Memphis regularly organize service trips their cities’ Hope Lodges. They prepare home cooked meals, decorate for the holidays and simply sit and talk to patients and their families. They have also supported the Adopt-A-Room program at both locations, naming the rooms for the customers they serve. Enclara’s Charleston staff has recently gotten involved with their own local Hope Lodge. Cincinnati employees have organized fundraising events and are proud to have reached 50 percent participation.

“We are grateful to Enclara Healthcare for their support of Hope Lodge,” says Donald Carlino, Director, Regional Corporate Relations. “The positivity they bring to the guests when they volunteer their time, in addition to the support of our Adopt-A-Room program, makes such a difference in the lives of the patients and caregivers who stay at the lodge, and shows how much they truly care as a company.”

It’s no surprise that Enclara employees are so eager to get involved with helping others. Many choose to work at Enclara in part because the company is as mission-driven as they are. Even the elephant in the company logo illustrates caring.  As extremely intelligent herd animals, elephants are among the most caring animals on earth. Elephants put their lives on the line to save a member of the herd. They comfort each other in times of mourning.

“They’re not so much like humans as an example for humans to follow.” Michelle Ciociola, pharmacist supervisor, Patient Care Operations said. “Sometimes we talk about death as the elephant in the room, but the elephant is also our inspiration.”

Many Enclara employees will be making year-end gifts to the American Cancer Society. We hope you will consider doing so as well. Simply visit to support the research, education, services and supports that touch the lives of so many.