Hospice EMR Integration 

Enclara Pharmacia interfaces with the leading hospice EMR systems. Optional EMR integration supports process and workflow efficiency and care coordination. Patient demographics and profiled medications flow seamlessly from your EMR to Enclara’s platforms, reducing calls and faxes to the pharmacy, eliminating redundant data entry and minimizing the need to reconcile profiles post admission. 

Benefits of EMR Integration 

  • PBM card patient eligibility control
  • Covered non-formulary medication approval
  • Full profile visibility for Enclara pharmacist consultation/CoP compliance option
  • In-house development and service support customization and workflow optimization

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How EMR Integration Works

EMR receives all new information

Enclara Cloud keeps it secure and supports medication management

Patient data automatically populates in E3 Pro™

We work with leading hospice EMR providers, including: 

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