How Can Effective Deprescribing Benefit Hospice Patients?

Reduce Excess Medications, Improve Quality of Life

Unnecessary medications cost more than money. They can cost a patient in quality of life through side effects and the risk of adverse drug events. Yet, a fifth of seniors are on 10 or more medications. It’s common for Enclara pharmacists to see hospice patients admitted with over 20 medications!

Revised for 2020, our ebook, Benefits of Deprescribing for Patients Nearing End-of-Life, can help. Find out why too many medications are a detriment to a patient’s quality of life and learn a safe, patient-centric approach to deprescribing.

Deprescribing ebook Takeaways Include:

  • The negative effects of polypharmacy
  • The positive effect of lessened pill burden on patients over 65
  • How to discuss stopping a medication with a patient
  • The possible cost-reductions in hospice care after deprescribing


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