At Enclara, Not-for-Profit Hospices Matter

Not-for-profit organizations pioneered hospice care in this country. They continue to lead with compassion and collaboration today, but they also face tough challenges. For these special organizations, choosing the right hospice PBM is essential. For many, that choice is Enclara Pharmacia.

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Why Enclara?

Ask just about any Enclara Pharmacia associates what motivates them and you’ll get the same answer: the needs of hospice patients and those caring for them. Many of us have been part of the hospice community for decades. Others have a personal connection to hospice through a friend or relative who benefitted from this special type of care.

There’s a special place in our hearts for the mission-driven not-for-profit organizations that disproportionally serve high-acuity patients with barriers to care. Here are just a few of the ways we live out our commitment to hospices like yours:

Our clinician-centered digital tools and training plus responsive customer service make medication management easier for your staff, supporting greater satisfaction on the job. A structured implementation process makes switching to Enclara painless.

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Our education team supports your staff with exclusive courses, many with CE credits available, plus handouts, toolkits and the Medication Utilization Guidelines mobile app that empower clinicians to provide exceptional care.

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In an increasingly competitive and ever-changing hospice marketplace, Enclara can give you an edge. Our clinical support and business intelligence help hospices improve quality while managing costs.

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Enclara is built for hospices, hospice nurses and, ultimately, patients.

For Hospices

Enclara empowers hospices to provide the best possible pharmacological care in a sustainable manner.

  • Your account manager is a partner devoted to helping your hospice control costs, improve care, and simplify operations.
  • We offer business intelligence and clinical support to help guide cost-effective, medically appropriate prescribing.
  • Our goal is your growth, which is why Enclara provides competitive pricing for both the per diem model favored by smaller organizations and fee-for-service models that may allow hospices with larger ADCs to save even more.

For Nurses

Enclara supports nurses through simplified medication access. Less stress and less time spent on administrative tasks means better patient care and job satisfaction.

  • Our E3 technology and integrations with over a dozen of the leading EMRs supports accuracy and efficiency.
  • Mail order and local access through our Neighborhood connections network makes it easy to locate and deliver hospice-critical medications.
  • Exclusive educational resources support professional development and quality in patient care.

For Patients

Although we don’t interact directly with hospice patients and caregivers at Enclara, they are never far from our minds.

  • From direct-to-patient mail order to collaborating with local pharmacies, everything we do is about ensuring the right medication gets to the right place at the right time.
  • Our pharmacists are part of your interdisciplinary team, available 24/7 to help treat difficult symptoms, manage dose conversions, and help prevent adverse drug events.
  • We provide educational handouts for hospices to use with patients and caregivers to help them understand their medications.

Next Steps

Enclara may serve over 400 hospices nationwide, but our goal is for each hospice client to feel like the only one. Whether you are utilizing another national hospice PBM or a local partner, our business development professionals can develop a solution that meets your needs. With a structured implementation process, ongoing education, responsive customer service and engaged account management, switching to Enclara is easier than you think.