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Modernize Your Medication Reporting Experience with Enclarity

Today we seem to be awash in data but have difficulty finding useful information. More so, we struggle to find actionable data points that can be used to make short-term course corrections.

Hospice executives require real-time comprehensive dashboard reporting that provides a complete snapshot of their medication cost and utilization trends. The faster your hospice can gain insights from your pharmacy transactions, the greater advantage you will have in realizing cost saving opportunities.

modernize your medication reporting experience with Enclarity

Let Enclara Pharmacia modernize your medication reporting experience with Enclarity™ – our real-time interactive dashboard and reporting tool, which provides hospice executives greater insights into prescription and utilization trends, industry benchmarks, and pharmacy costs. Enclarity™ delivers a new experience by quickly identifying trends and opportunities for improvement. The intuitive design provides immediate trend visibility, as well as functional drill-down capability.


Enclarity™ offers the following benefits:

  • Dashboard views of the most important elements related to medication-related cost and utilization
  • Drill-down access to patient level prescription data
  • Real-time interactive access to your data 24/7
  • Mobile access allowing your data to travel with you
  • Benchmarking tools for internal and external comparisons
  • Actionable data for all users within the organization
  • Quick data sharing export options


Upgrade your reporting experience with Enclarity™ to harness the power of your medication-related data. Contact us today to learn about our complete suite of medication management solutions.