E3 Pro™

The new E3 Pro is the easiest and most powerful way to manage patient medications with local pharmacies and Enclara Pharmacia’s own mail order delivery. With E3 Pro, clinical staff connect and share information across systems to improve care coordination, enable greater patient engagement, improve compliance and reduce labor costs.

Seamless Experience Across Devices

Whatever your work style, E3 Pro is built for you!

Consistent functionality on both website and mobile app (iOS and Android) makes it easy to switch between computer, phone and tablet. Through an integration with your hospice electronic medical record vendor, patient demographics and medication profiles flow right to E3 Pro for admissions and Enclara mail order dispensing. Electronic prescribing support is also available, making it easy to manage local PBM dispensing through E3 Pro.

E3 Pro Saves Time

E3 Pro is the next generation of Enclara’s local and mail order medication management platform. Designed in partnership with hospice nurses, E3 Pro provides a consistent web and mobile experience with at-a-glance access to the information and actions that matter most. With E3 Pro and optional electronic prescribing integration, it’s never been easier to dispense patient medications locally or via Enclara mail order.

Spend less time managing medications and more time on patient care.

Enclara Mail Order & Local PBM Access Support

Quick and easy Enclara mail order and local e-prescribing supports fast and flexible medication access.

Best-in-Class User Experience

Intuitive user experience makes everyone a power user, with common actions completed in a few clicks.

At-a-Glance Access

Custom dashboards and notifications help nurses track and act on the information that matters to them.

Enhanced Order Entry

Enhanced medication search and selection improves accuracy, formulary adherence and patient safety.

Give your nurses more time for patient care.

E3 Pro is just part of the Enclara experience. We provide the tools, knowledge, service and flexible medication access your team needs. Now is a great time to learn how Enclara can help you improve patient care and manage costs.

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