The E3 Experience

Powered by Hospice Nurses

With E3, nurses spend less time on the phone and more on patient care. With the E3 MobileTM app and E3 ConnectTM desktop portal, E3 is wherever you are.

E3 Powered by Hospice Nurses

To make ordering and fulfillment as simple as…


Quickly access patient profiles and medications


Easily request new medications and refills


Options for mail order and local dispense

The E3 System Puts the Power in the Palm of your Hand.

With E3 Mobile, nurses spend less time on the phone and more on patient care. No matter where you are – the bedside, between patient visits, or office – E3 is there.

  • Allows easy profiling and dispensing of new medications and refills
  • Expedites electronic prescription requests with status indicator and reminders to prescriber
  • Identifies formulary and non-formulary designation for each information
  • Drop-down menus guide nurses to accurately enter information for all required fields
  • Built-in alerts identify order entry errors to ensure accurate medication spacing
  • Special features for local pharmacy utilization

E3 Powered by Hospice Nurses

Ordering, Simplified.

E3 isn’t just a medication access platform, it’s a centralized patient management hub that streamlines ordering, fulfillment, and management for patient medications, durable medical equipment and medical supplies.

Most organizations utilize and deploy multiple systems to manage patient care. With E3, clinical staff connect and share information across systems to improve care coordination, enable greater patient engagement, improve compliance, and reduce labor costs.


E3 Mobile provides nurses with a more powerful experience, making medication management more efficient by allowing more time with patients and less time on the phone.

Durable Medical Equipment (DME)

DME integration provides nurses with a simple and fast equipment ordering mobile solution.

Medical Supply

Integrated medical supply ordering.
Coming soon.

E3 Mobile Provides A Better On-the-Go Solution

Access patient profiles, request new medications or refills, and have everything delivered to the patients home –all from the palm of your hand.

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