Medication Access

Flexible Medication Access Puts Patients First

With multiple options for medication fulfillment and delivery, Enclara Pharmacia provides hospices convenient access to pharmacies to support patient care.

Neighborhood ConnectionsTM, a subset of over 7,000 pharmacies of our 65,000-pharmacy network, sets hospice-specific standards to ensure timely and appropriate care

Enclara Mail Order national fulfillment program offers compounding and alternative packaging plus complimentary next-day and second-day delivery options

EMR and e-prescribing integration creates a seamless experience, reduces errors and saves nurses administrative time and effort

24-hour clinical support, local delivery options and ancillary service negotiation are provided by a dedicated team committed to your program’s success

Dedicated IPU team provides custom solutions for hospice inpatient units (IPUs) including remote automated dispensing where permitted by law


Hospice PBM Local Access

Enclara lets you preserve local pharmacy relationships and fulfill urgent needs through a network of 65,000+ pharmacies. Our team negotiates the best price, builds a formulary based on your needs and gives you the tools to manage your utilization.

Neighborhood Connections

Within our pharmacy network, we have established a subset of highly qualified hospice-centric local pharmacy providers – Neighborhood Connections. These pharmacies meet special standards for inventory, hours, service and CII dispensing. Our team monitors and supports the network to ensure quality.

Enclara Mail Order

Most Enclara clients use our full service home delivery pharmacies to improve efficiency and make life easier for caregivers. With next-day delivery, compounding, pre-filled syringes, bubble packs and more, it’s a great choice for all non-urgent needs. Enclara delivers over 5.5 million prescriptions a year, but each receives the same personal attention you would expect from your corner pharmacy.

Enclara Mail Order Services Include:

  • Next day, second day and Saturday delivery
  • SurescriptTM certified dispensing
  • ComfortPaksTM via next day delivery
  • Compounded medications and special packaging
  • Integrated mobile medication management tools and e-prescribing services
  • Multiple distribution locations to lessen risk of service disruptions due to weather or other factors

Ask about our anytime, anywhere access to patient medications.

Great patient care depends on getting the right medication to the right patient at the right time. With Enclara, hospices leverage local pharmacy partners and Enclara mail order to ensure timely, reliable medication access for their patients. 

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