Inpatient Unit Services

Custom Solutions for any IPU

Enclara serves more Hospice IPUs than any other pharmacy provider in the country by working to design a model best suited to accommodate medication access needs of patients while also evaluating the financial resources of the hospice and state specific compliance regulations. Dependent on state regulations, Enclara’s IPU offerings save your nurses time by improving access to pharmacy services.

IPU Workflow Consultation

Our team works to understand your IPU’s current work flow to recommend a variety of IPU solutions ranging from simple stock options from a local pharmacy to sophisticated automated dispensing system solutions (ADS) or evaluate how the addition of an IPU will benefit your hospice operation.

Dedicated Support from Enclara’s 24/7 IPU Team

Our dedicated department replaces local pharmacy limits on available medication and operating pharmacy hours. Specialized in Hospice and Palliative Care, Enclara Clinical IPU Pharmacists are always available to support medication management to ensure appropriate medication selection and avoid adverse drug reactions.

Automated Dispensing System (ADS) Interfaced with Enclara Pharmacia

We are also uniquely positioned to support automated dispensing systems from Omnicell® and Pyxis®. These systems allow for near real time access to medications which promote less waste, greater safety and simpler compliance.

Robust Reporting Capabilities

Enclara offers robust reporting capabilities to keep your hospice informed including, cost and medication utilization reports; automated 8358 billing requirements and medication overrides.

Immediate Access to Medications and First Dose

Our models enable a broader scope of available medications and brings access to controlled medications to support pain and palliative care plans.

Increased Safety and Reduced Diversion Potential

The controlled Enclara IPU/ADS, through enhanced inventory controls systems, secures and tracks medication access to ensure accuracy and safety in dosing.

In-Depth Education and Clinical Information

Enclara provides general drug information and identification which allows nursing staff to concentrate on the patient care plan.