Management of Less Common but Troubling Symptoms in Hospice: Pruritus, Hiccups, Cough, Muscle and Bladder Spasms

Symptom management education frequently focuses on pain, dyspnea, anxiety, delirium and other common symptoms. However, there are many other symptoms that, while not as commonly encountered, are difficult for patients and challenging to manage. This presentation uses patient case studies and interactive discussion to describe the etiology, assessment, and management of less common symptoms in hospice such as pruritus, cough, hiccups, muscle spasms and bladder spasms.


  • Identify when less common symptoms at end of life such as pruritus, cough, hiccups, muscle and bladder spasms require treatment
  • Recommend appropriate non-pharmacologic and pharmacologic management of these symptoms
  • Establish goals of treatment and regularly re-evaluate with patient and caregivers

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Duration: 1 Hour
Time: On Demand