Our history

Our History Of Pharmacy Solutions

Two Industry Leaders Are Better Than One

Enclara Pharmacia represents the combination resulting from the August 2014 transaction in which Enclara Health, LLC acquired Hospice Pharmacia, merging the experience and talents of two leading hospice pharmacy providers.

Hospice Pharmacia, founded in 1996, was the first pharmacy to focus solely on the expert management of medications for end-of-life patients. Enclara Health, founded in 2007, was similarly focused on serving the hospice pharmacy space, with a strong attention to customer service.

As a combined entity, Enclara Pharmacia is the largest national provider of comprehensive hospice pharmacy services in the U.S. The company combines the best of the best through passionate customer service-driven leadership. Quantity and quality can successfully coexist!

The Story Behind the Enclara Elephant LOGO.

The elephant is unique in the animal world for its response to death. Throughout their lives, elephants form a close family and community bonds and when these bonds are broken by death, they respond in a very human way through visible grief and mourning for the loss of one of their own. They bury their dead and “encircle” the grieving as one compassionate community, and although they need to move on for survival, they will often return to the burial site as if to never forget.

hospice pharmacy providersThe elephant in the Room.

Our logo also provides a unique opportunity to bring to light the metaphorical “elephant in the room,” which in our profession is often the discussion of terminal illness and the dying process. Transparency and comfort are needed to serve our patients and their families and our goal as an industry is to provide such avenues for open discussion and growth.